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Hi, I "ported" gaim to maemo yesterday.
It's not really nice yet, but at least it works.
Matthias Steinbauer said he'll work on a nicer version though.

So if anyone is interested in the current version:

and if you want to post the link on the wiki or something, go ahead

- Sascha
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i just wanted to say "thank you!"

it's great even with its many bugs
but i am sure they are going to be fixed soon
Sorry for my bad English
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you follow the maemo howto ?
i think this apps was already ported because of screenshots in the howto...
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it wasnt really ported..
somebody wrote that howto but didnt leave the sources or the deb file around, so currently this should be the only working gaim package for maemo
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Cool, but is it the same Maemo-ised version of Gaim as described in the howto?
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nope it isnt.. that one doesnt work yet, it isnt able to create the config files or something..
what you can do is this though:
you install my version (, start it and set up your accounts, after that you close gaim and remove it..
then you install the maemo-ised version by Matthias Steinbauer (

that could work


ok, its more likely that that doesnt work
so if you want gaim on your N770, the best thing you can do at this time is stick with my version..

I'm sure Matthias is working on a working maemo-ised version though..

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Thanks man, it worked just fine.

I have some bugs to report.
1. There is no icon shown is task manager.
2. It is compiled without ssl or i probably miss libssl so I can't connect to msn with it.
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I have a few more to add if you want as I just installed it.
  • There is no scrolling when creating new accounts. You can use the DPad to go down to the other options, but it runs off the screen out of view. Still playing with it though, looks great even with the "ugliness" right now
  • No menu at the top. Not sure if intentional or not...
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1.5 is really looking a lot better now. May want to build an OK button to close the smiley window when it informs you that your theme has no smileys... took me forever to be able to close it.

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