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Obviously you never noticed the "help" dialogue prompt that inevitably pops up in terminal ...
No I don't. Ever. There is man pages and many other ways to get help, but you still need the commands to find them.

"....More paint to the canvas than to the face..."?
I dare say..."Dabbling" with finger paints will inevitably mean you get it on your face... You must be a talented authority on the arts...
I was referring to a not-an-artist-at-all-person like me, who still could start training painting just by having some paint tubes, a brush and some canvas, and start messing with the paints. Sure, he wouldn't be an artist by no means at this point. Nobody would call his painting a piece of art, not even himself. But at least he would end up with some paint on the canvas (and probably in many other places, like his clothes and face). So he would be more successful than guy trying to guess commands in terminal.

Everyone is an expert and critic on the arts it appears...
That I find overwhelmingly insulting...
Go back to your finger paints ...
So is this the reason? Because you are an artist, you took my words as an insult, when I said that getting started with terminal is more difficult than getting started with doing arts? I had no intention to insult anyone or criticize any kind of arts. I find it awesome that there is people who have the gift/skill of sculpturing, painting, dancing, playing instruments, singing, writing great code, photographing, moviemaking, desinging things etc. Particularly because I have no gift of doing any of those. My first post was exaggerated; I don't really think that coding is the ultimate art. But I still stand behind my words about my original point. That getting started with any of the things I listed above would be easier without source of help, than getting started with using terminal.

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Back in the late 1990s, I read an article in some computing magazine where the author argued that command line is more intuitive than a GUI. Their main evidence was a simple experiment. They sat a number of computer illiterate people (presumably those were found more easily in those early days) in front of computers running DOS and Windows and asked them to delete a file. Facing a blank screen with a ">" prompt and a keyboard, most of them eventually figured out the "delete" command. It was less obvious to make a connection between the mysterious gizmo next to the keyboard with a wire hanging from it and an arrow on the screen, and even less so between that and how to use that to delete a file.

IMO that experiment is seriously flawed. Computer illiterate people would have no concept of what a "file" is, let alone how to "delete" it. It would definitely not be their first concern when learning how to use a computer. GUIs have been a tremendous boost, helping countless millions to enter the world of computing, as history has clearly shown. In fact it was the keyboard that has all but disappeared.

Having said that, "just press buttons and see what happens" does not always lead to the nirvana either. I still have not figured out how to do what I consider basic things in image processing, for example make one image transparent and overly it on top another, let's say rotated by 15 for a good measure. I know how to do it in some applications but only because I am quite experienced in those. The next time I sat in front of an unfamiliar application and tried "randomly pressing buttons to see what happens", I ended up giving up in frustration.
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First terminal I ever faced required a manual to operate.
possibly the most non-intuitive thing ever created
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