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It would be perfect if I could drag and move it in hildon desktop! Some one already hacked moveable dialog (used in easy debian)
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Originally Posted by KotCzarny View Post
use gainroot or even better ssh as root to the device, then copy and paste those lines those are actual commands that will download, unpack and make it executable, then you should have it's icon in app-menu >> others (hopefully)
I got the menu item in extras but must have missed something basic.
/home/user # xvkbd
/bin/sh: xvkbd: not found

I was missing the two packages;
apt-get install libxpm4
apt-get install libxmu6
To get these, I needed to change the maemo extras distribution from diablo to chinook. [Note: Don't install any updates, and don't forget to reset it to diablo.]

You can avoid the issue with the popup onscreen keyboard by disabling it in control panel - text input settings.

Note: could you summarize the steps in the first thread? The deb link in the above reply is dead.

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Originally Posted by KotCzarny View Post
@delaroca: source is on the same site as the binary
@unwired: sure, it was more proof-of-a-concept which i have planned to make configurable, but got sidetracked with other things

maybe i should look at v3.x too when i'm at it
With the bits and pieces you sent me I am able to compile xvkbd (v2.8 thru v3.0) both under Chinook and Diablo scratchboxes.

However, I seem to have some tidbit missing... my compiled versions, even the compiled version that you sent me, when launched open a full size hildon window and pop up an icon on the taskbar.

The old version of the binary that I have been using -- which came from Arnim's archive at and dated April 2, 2008 -- in contrast opens as a small window always on top of whatever I am running... and do not pop up an icon on the task bar.

Any suggestions as to what configuration tidbit I may be missing?

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I'm trying to install xvkbd but the links quoted below don't work for me. Is there another way that I can install this easily?

[QUOTE=KotCzarny;163784]ok, i have managed to hack xvkbd enough to be usefull, enjoy and comment!

wget -O/usr/local/bin/xvkbd.gz
gzip -d /usr/local/bin/xvkbd.gz
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/xvkbd
wget -O/usr/share/applications/hildon/xvkbd.desktop
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in case anyone needs it, i've attached the files to the first post
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