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The old pastebinit has had trouble with pasting. failed with due to the api key, the other ones weren't detected.

So I built the latest version from Ubuntu. What's weird, no paste website is being detected now. ("Unknown website...")
Even a non-optified version fails.

Any ideas why?

/edit: I'm wondering whether it is not a bug in python3.4. Forwarding the info to Aapo
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Hi, it is not bug in python-3.4.

As noted that 'invalid api key' is relating old version of pastebinit.

"Unknown website..." means you have config files from older version and they wont work. I tested version from Ubuntu (1.4-4), and forced default address:
defaultPB = ""
and then it works.

Default is just default. These works:
echo hello |  pastebinit -b
echo hello |  pastebinit -b

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Is python3 really needed or will 2.5 or 2.7 sufficient?

EDIT: As a test I took debian 1.4.4. deb, extraxted it at the apprioate locations.
Changed the shebang from python3 to python2.7 and pasted succesfully to
Need to test it with 2.5 still...
Edit2: 2.5 fails
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