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Here is my Galaxy S8+ prototype with Dual-Camera.
What are the Dual-Camera functions/advantages? on this device.
I have Bar code on left and right screen part when Android is turn ON.
How to remove them? Any expert in samsung galaxy device?
Is it possible to install new OS (support or not dual camera) and bar code will disapear? How to?

Thank you
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nice find, you might better ask on XDA Dev for this device
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Two Cams. Take guess. Let me give you a hint. Why do most animals have two eyes.

- Improved angles like the eyes
- improved Zoom options
- improved close up photos like the eyes.
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You can make two macro photo of both bobs at once. It's like stereo ;-)

But seriously talking, there were many two-sensors smartphones. One solutikn were provided with 3D screens for making 3D photos. While the other solution were coupled rgb sensor with grayscale sensors for better lumination catching(especially for low-light(i.e. Night) photos.

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I always thought the idea is to get benefits from double CMOS surface area and reducing noice by combining two images. For 3d imaging you would need the cameras further apart?

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Probably its two times the same sensor behind two different lenses, focal length wise, for "lossless" zooming. The iPhone 7 Plus does the same.

Or Samsung added some crappy solution for problems you didn't know you had before.
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Note 8 camera should be quite good. Only thing I'm not really crazy about is the 19.5:9 screen ratio. Too candy bar, as in Hershey bar, like...

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What version is running? Boot in recovery mode and post picture , maybe you can flash with odin.

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