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I love mailcmd - thank you so much for building it!

It's exactly what I needed to let my N900 work as a neat home agent in the background. It's stting on my bedside table as an alarm clock and internet radio while downloading torrents. Since I want it to run on battery every now and then to keep the battery trained I wrote some scripts and have them read the battery state periodically with fcrontab. E-mailing them periodically (also with fcrontab) from the N900 gives me the the kick I need as the control freak I became quenching every little possibility out of that awesome little device. "Hi, it's your N900. The current battery state is 17%. You should charge me soon or I cannot wake you up tomorrow."

Spaß beiseite. I managed to attach the battery report to the e-mails as a textfile. Which, I must say, cost me HOURS at several nights and as only a part-time nerd I'm a little proud of . But of course you always want more. Why? Because SOMEHOW IT MUST BE POSSIBLE!". The thing is that in the periodically received mails I still have to open the attachment to see the report. Which is a little unpractical.

And now my question - is it possible to write pieces of a textfile into the subject field of the e-mail? Then you saw the battery state without opening the mail!

The battery report is of course only one example of what you could be mailing. Running processes, camera pictures, internet connection, disk space and torrent reports would also be nice...

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I've started to use an alternative solution. The pipe before the command can be used to put any kind of output into the e-mail. Many e-mail clients display the beginning of the mail already in their overview of the inbox. This can be used to conveniently view status messages sent by mailcmd.

Still wondering how you can put one into the subject field, though...


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