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Right a few updates, took me 2 hours to reinstall conky (i had used NSU to re-flash. still the same)

as soon as i power it on, ram usage is maxed by trackerd, then tracker-indexer goes mental, and takes up (currently) 500mb swap.

managed to install rootsh, and have run "killall tracker-indexer" and that doenst seem to do anything at all.

will try post list of apps soon
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Sorry to jump in here. I don't have a fix, but if it helps I noticed today that tracker-indexer took like 80% cpu for a couple of minutes after a reboot. Was investigating because something has caused my cpu to be a bit more active than usual when idle. Not a huge amount but about 5-10% more than usual. Just in the last day or 2.
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Hey Mr. Bridger,

I don't know if you have solved your problem already, but I have a word to you. However, I would firstly thank you guys - all - for this amazing forum. I have found nearly all solutions to the errors at my nokia n900... and for me, coming from a third world country / Brazil ;/ it is really hard to expect our tech support to find solutions. they find all but the way to work things out.. lol, this is my country... lol

well, I hadn't been registered until I saw mr brigder having the same problem I did... and as I saw nobody giving a solution, I decided it should be time to come register and retribute the help somehow.

I may be wrong, mr bridger, but it worked for me, and I hope it works for you as well.

The simple thing you have to do is to flash the eMMC/vanilla before you flash your firmware.... I tried flashing my firmware and it worked, but the system became very slow, presenting the same message you had, and after flashing the emmc, and then the firmware ( without booting between the two tasks), it is fast as before... just bear in mind that doing so , all your data will be eraised permanently... so you should back up before going ahead with it. also, the new vanilla doesn't come with maps, therefore you will have to load them down again !

hope to have helped anyway

thank you all again

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The above is quite possible. Tracker-indexer might go mental, because it encounters damaged filesystem. I recommend following wiki entry "updating the firmware" (reflashing).

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is formatting the emmc any diffrent than flashing emmc file ?
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  • ...partitions the eMMC. Formatting does not.
  • ...loads some sample pictures and videos into MyDocs. Formatting does not.

You can generally live without the former and you can definitely live without the latter so in most cases, formatting is sufficient. But keep in mind that the eMMC has three partitions. Formatting MyDocs is not always what the doctor prescribed, you may need to format /home and that may not be as easy if you do not have the right tools installed.
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