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Must admit I'm not really interested in it at all if it isn't a phone (curiosity aside).

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Originally Posted by Feathers McGraw View Post
Must admit I'm not really interested in it at all if it isn't a phone (curiosity aside).
LTE cellular is "possible" (read: optional?) according to the specs.

They've just posted a new blog, rambling even more on dangerous hardware. Perhaps they are right about the backdoors. But even chips with open design can have backdoors, and it that is exceptionally hard to spot, I guess. Also, current SoCs have an IOMMU, which certainly can mitigate the problem of components having full access to the system's RAM. Technically, even an on-chip compromised cellular modem or WLAN NIC could still be shielded from having all access to the rest of the system.

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Originally Posted by Feathers McGraw View Post
Must admit I'm not really interested in it at all if it isn't a phone (curiosity aside).
I am mildly interested because it is not a phone.

Recent events in my travels reveal that the Telcos around the planet
are primarily enforcing one hegemony or the other:

You get a "choice" between iPhone and Android
when you subscribe to getting
their hands embedded into your pocket.

In some jurisdictions you are automatically kicked off the network
if the Telco verification bots cannot finger your phones "App".
In some jurisdictions it is not possible to reload value without
having the correct kind of OS.
And they actively depend upon certain features to track you.

Screw that.

Public WiFi.
Or a blind-deaf-and-dumb neutered android tether.
or just a modem.

If this has LTE there may be other possibilities
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The days of a pocketable internet tablet just doesn't enthuse me any longer. Even then, the form factor gave you something that the phones did not - a larger screen, a quality keyboard and/or kickstand... you know, a Nokia N810 basically.

The candy bar/slab design of modern cellphones doesn't do anything for me whatsoever in regards to surfing the internet. And the accepted screen size has jumped considerable from 2007 for most folks (not including this forum).

Perhaps there's a ton of use cases that I'm overlooking. In fact, I'd almost bet that I am overlooking something and will continue to be curious about this project. But those overlooked things will have to be compelling.

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some mention of no off topic chatter.
I find that hilarious.

Here is topical ..
yet again.
A lot of talk about how great something is, the anticipated or supposed specs are to be, possibly a mock up, or proto thrown in...
aaaaaaand no product to purchase.

I think we should just have a completely walled off sub forum for pure speculation that hasn't actually delivered ...
instead of folks walking about chatting as if the the product is in their hands and they are using it.

Since this whole thread....
this whole topic...
...and many others like it. here.
can be considered "off topic"
until there is a real ...tangible...delivered ...product.
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