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Originally Posted by hardy_magnus View Post
nokia n900 can do everything but I think we need a video player that could easily play HD stuff, that's it . something like vlc.
The hardware is by far not powerful enough for that.
This [1] is as close as you'll get.

Originally Posted by immi.shk View Post
i want "Splashtop Personal" to be ported to Maemo, they even have the source code available on there site for 32 & 64 bit x86 arch.
if we get it, its gonna be a killer app.
If I read the scarce info on their website correctly, then it's basically vnc+sound, allegedly with far superior transfer rates.
According to the source code it uses h264 encoding for the video, so it's likely to have the same performance problems on the N900 like a HD video player.

Unless I'm missing something, this program is also not truly open source software. The archive only contains an x264 wrapper and the sources for the celt codec. There is no actual program code in it. So I guess what they call "open source" only serves to comply to the OS licenses of the codec implementations they use.


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