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If you ever had your pop-out webcam on your N800 get stuck while popping it out or replacing it, you're not alone. It happened to me for quite a while, and I decided to take a look at it.

It happens because dirt, old skin, or hair gets lodged or stuck in the camera assembly. The only real way is to disassemble your N800, take out the camera, clean it with some canned air or a toothbrush as I used, and reassemble.

The N800s are pretty simple to disassemble/reassemble, provided that you have the screwdrivers necessary to do the job (you could probably get them at RadioShack).

You can find many N800 disassembly videos online by just searching Google. Disassembling a N800 is very easy in my experience, I've taken apart a PSP completely, and that was a pita because of all the tiny parts, riser boards, etc.

Once you clean out the camera assembly, it won't get stuck anymore

EDIT: Oh yeah, it will probably void your warranty, but provided that you're careful, I doubt they would even notice. I don't see any warranty void stickers on it, so go on.

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