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I use openoffice both on my notebook and on my n900, and both at home and at work.
Ernesto de Bernardis

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I use OpenOffice at home and at work on Windows and Ubuntu.
Have not started testing OoO on my N900 yet.
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MS Office 2007 work and home, (was using on my last phone HTC Excalibur /TMO DASH now using DOC to Go with N900 but need to edit stuff so hope they do a premium version ) the nature of many years with biz PC's but the universal nature (i.e. being around so long most people use it) of MS Office makes things easy. N900 has some issues with office and RTF showing attachments as winmail.dat unless you use html instead.
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I bought the docs-to-go license (it's cheap and affordable at < $10). I don't have any need to actively edit any files, just displaying them.
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At this moment I am using Docs2Go.

I installed FreOffice, but it works very slow, so I uninstalled it.

In my office I am using MS Office 2007 and OpenOffice at home.

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The thread "What office software do you use?" with six posts has been merged into this thread.

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I've had problems with docs to go viewer. Specifically, there are some word format files which aren't opened and throw an "Internal Error: 7370309" notification.
I've emailed support (having purchased the retail version) and they asked me what program/version created the files and some other obvious things.
I sent them one of the files I can't open and I'm waiting for a response.
Ernesto de Bernardis

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I use Google docs in the browser, until good alternatives such as Abiword and/or KOffice appear in the extras-test repository.
You have to upload your docs, so it not really fast, but it's a very 'N900-only' way of doing things, which compensates

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Is there a "native Maemo" .xls solution in the works?

If not, is there a detailed description of how to "duel boot" Debian and to install Open Office into Dbian, and how to use Open Office from Maemo through Debian??
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i want a free software,thx

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