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Hello everybody,

For your delight, here is the Sailfish (platform) SDK packaged as a docker image. However, at the moment you have to build it yourself, as I'm unsure about if I have the rights to upload it to docker hub.

Check for more information.

Tests are welcomed, and bugreports can be posted on the github repo.


While it seems that this has already been (done, especially by EvilJazz, but the plan here is a bit different: I don't package a build engine, but just the build tools. I hope that this can be useful for both app developers, and other platform SDK users like those using the HADK or doing packaging work.
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Extending your project with:

Image can be used to build packages with Sailfish OS SDK (Qt Creator) instead of virtual machine. Some additional magic is needed (see:

Btw, i pushed vanilla images to:

Will try to maintain it asap
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I use these Docker images to build and run the unit tests in QRail.
Works pretty nice! Thanks for the Docker image!

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