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Thanks for the guide! Worked without a hitch.

Funny thing was the spanish Android from your link.. the few seconds I saw it before installing SailfishX

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Thanks for the information; got finally sailfishx installed:

Started on sunday, 15:30 ... 00:20 (monday morning got andoid downgraded)

Continued on monday, 20:00 -- 23:20 sailfishx booted the first time.

Quite a few obstacles and trial & errors...

Last thing was that fastboot just did not work after that 'spanish' image flashing (well, how to know what 'wipe' options to tick on that gui...) -- the led always went green when pressing volumeup when connecting usb.

Working 'workaround' was entering 'adb reboot bootloader' when android running (and that MTP usb mode) to get blue led...

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Originally Posted by jabgoe View Post
just as an information:

- and copied files according to instructions here[/INDENT]thanks for the hints!
That same happened to me. Your instructions helped me, thanks.
There is a small error on the above site:

mount /dev/mmcblk0p52 system
should be:
mount /dev/mmcblk0p52 blobs

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