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Originally Posted by Painkiller View Post
Btw is there a qwerty slider case for Xperia X?
I'm actually 3D printing prototypes (in Taulman Bridge nylon - since it is easily finished and dyed) for exactly that. I intend on posting my final designs here when finished.
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Hello there sailors, I'm new here and have my sx up and running, playing with settings and installing my fav sfos apps etc, I found a feature that's maybe not mentioned before , although I did not read all in this topic.
When u go to settings ->About product and keep tapping on the build nr ( u get acces to the CSD Tool with different kind of options!

Hopefully its of use to some of the sailors here!

Greetz from NL

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Originally Posted by ihmemies View Post
Im awaiting for SMB/CIFS support on kernel, dont know why they didnt add it on launch!?
Because, to make things simpler, they went for the stock Sony kernel. Which does have a lot of things NOT enabled (no modules, no btrfs, no networking fs like SMB/CIFS nor NFS, etc.)

Hopefully, at some point in the future, they'll start compiling their own kernel (like that they do on Jolla1) using all the code released by Sony on their git.

But that then means that Jolla will have to check themselve if their kernel works nicely with the binary drivers provided by Qualcom for the hardware.

Regarding Spectre : Hopefully Google will provide backports to the 4.4 kernel. It's very likely as they consider it as the LTS kernel that they will be supporting. And it's useful for Sailfish X as that's a kernel that Sony does provide for a lot of their open devices, including Xperia X.

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