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As a fresh sailor I find it really hard to find new apps for my needs. They are scattered all around - some are in the Jolla Harbour, some of them reside on On a ported device the Jolla Store access is sparse, OpenRepos search is far from perfect. Google fails miserably when you look for an app you need.

What my idea was - let's mimic what Arch Linux has done. [1] This way, we can have all the apps in one place, with much better search possibilities.

My thoughts of what should be included
1. the package name should be certainly given to allow CLI installation
2. if package is available from multiple sources, the difference between them (or say there is none)
3. a short description, like in ArchWiki
4. is it open-source, visible-source or closed-source?
5. let's constrain ourselves to native apps - Android ones can have a

I created a template here [2] but it's nowhere close to what ArchWiki did - they make heavy use of templates. Could any wiki guru prepare the needed templates so that we can easily add the apps (and describe what was needed in a reply)?

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Projects no longer actively developed: here

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