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For the records of a working Jolla C.
As 'expected'.

Diff between idle and incoming/outgoing:
[nemo@Sailfish ~]$ diff Documents/cards_idle.txt Documents/cards_incoming.txt
<               voicecall-record: Call mode record (sinks: 0, sources: 0, priority: 0
, available: no)
>               voicecall-record: Call mode record (sinks: 0, sources: 0, priority: 0
, available: yes)
<       Active Profile: default
>       Active Profile: voicecall-record
(no difference between incoming and outgoing)
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Thanks for your advice.
I followed these steps and I had exactly the same results posted by @.peterleinchen.

Now I think it has to be related to the app itself instead of pulseaudio.....will take a look at harbour-callrecorder in github....
Will also check that pulseaudio profile called 'voicecall-record'


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