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We've been testing some AJAX code with the 770 (2.2005.45-7), but it doesn't seem to be working properly.

For example, browsing to Google Suggest and typing a few characters does not bring up the usual list of suggested topics. But then, on pressing backspace, a list is displayed but not necessarily one that corressponds to the characters entered.

We also did a network trace with the 770 accessing one of our own Web/AJAX applications, and found that the asynchronous HTTP callback was being performed by the 770, and the correct result was being returned to the 770, but the display was not being updated.

There was another small problem we noticed: when backspacing in the Google Suggest search entry box, the cursor skpped back an extra character when backspacing to just after the first character.
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Originally Posted by ric9887
We've been testing some AJAX code with the 770 (2.2005.45-7), but it doesn't seem to be working properly.
Hi Ric -

no idea about the AJAX, I'm afraid, but try taking it up to -8, which you can download from here:


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Same with -8. It seems like the on-screen keyboard delays the submission of the characters. I thought at first it was about the word completion feature, but turning it off, gives the sam problem. Here's a work around however. Use the right scroll pad key to force the submit of each character and it will work.

Since Ajax is really browser specific, Google suggest proves that the Opera browser of the Nokia 770 supports it. I think Ajax is the best thing that ever happened for the Nokia 770 (well actually it can be said that the Nokia 770 is the best thing that happened for Ajax). You have a full blown browser in a 'cheap' handheld device. I think there will be a lot of ajax-based sites (for fun and commercial) that will come out soon that will be created for the Nokia 770. I'm excited.

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