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can anybody help me ?
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Originally Posted by vittoriob4 View Post
Just wondering how did you workaround your kernel version in order to make psfreedom to work. I'm currently using power49 and as you mentioned MAG's psfreedom has links harcoded, so even renaming folders wouldnt help much.I would appreciate your feedback thanx
There are only modules for
  • omap
  • power46

I can load it manually and then select the payload in the gui and let it run.

To load a module manually you need to be root and call:

sudo gainroot
modprobe -r g_nokia
modprobe -r g_file_storage
insmod /opt/psfreedom/modules/pl3/power46/psfreedom.ko
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i have a problem, when i choose jailbreak mode it says "insmod can't read '/optpsfreedom/modules/psfreedom.ko' no such file or directory, i am on kernel power 46... any help plzzzz?
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i am getting error "insmod: can't read '/opt/psfreedom/modules/psfreedom.ko': No such file or directory
even i placed osfreedom.ko there manually and there's dirs hermes and pl3...damn
what's wrong?
//edit fixed by manual loading of module before running PSFreedom
MAG, thanks for this wonderful thingy, looking forward to use it tomorrow

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Any news about new versions of psfreedom?
On the last KP53 doesn't work nothing.

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