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Hadron is an AI that you mine from the browser of any device.

According to an admin on their telegram unusual devices mining would be social media gold. They got Android and iOS and all the desktop OS's but they don't have anyone signing up from a Sailfish OS device.

They are in alpha mining testing.

This will promote Sailfish OS to more people which is good for Sailfish OS.
Since Sailfish can run Alien Dalvik it should be able to run any browser Android can.

I don't get anything from this and I'm not on their team but you will, you'll get early access to mining.

I asked the admin and they said it needs to be able to run WebGL and ES6, support for the gpu if possible.

Step 1) Go to the thread and ask to sign up and list your Sailfish device.
When they give you a green light, you're good.

Step 2) Make an account on their website
Wait for the mining button to turn green.

Again I don't gain anything from this. I just want to see Sailfish OS devices to be included. I'll tell admin I don't want any social credit for it.
I thought if I put this in Sailfish OS area it will get deleted.
If the other OS's can talk about this subject why can't we?

This is going to be the first cloud AI mineable through mobile devices in the browser.
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I have absolutely no idea what this is about...

The web page you mentioned says "coming soon"
AI usually means "Artifical Intelligence" but how that is related to BTC mining is a mystery.
How are you supposed to mine with a browser?
What's this "collecting unusual miners" supposed to mean?
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It sounds to me like what they are really mining for is your personal data.
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Originally Posted by juiceme View Post
AI usually means "Artifical Intelligence" but how that is related to BTC mining is a mystery.
Seems like they designed an alorithm/a software to harvest BTC on other people's computers. Part of that design was done by another algorithm they call "artificial intelligence" because it's a cool buzz word.

Originally Posted by juiceme View Post
How are you supposed to mine with a browser?
That's actually not that uncommon anymore. You just deliver a website that loads some javascript, which executes code that computes BTC.
You'll find that a lot on fishy websites nowadays. A dead giveaway is your CPU usage skyrocketing for no apparent reason.

It's basically the old SETI@home idea of distributed computing, just in a web browser instead of using dedicated client software. Only now you're not dedicating your CPU power to a scientific cause, but to earning money.

According to the claims of this project, the main difference to other, fishy browser miners is, that this time you're not cluelessly earning money for someone else, but wilfully for yourself.
I'm not sure whether that's actually possible. Due to the relatively high electricity costs in Germany, mining BTC here with conventional computers doesn't reach a break-even point for quite some time now.

Originally Posted by juiceme View Post
What's this "collecting unusual miners" supposed to mean?
I guess "unusual" in this case means the average Joe, anyone who doesn't have the knowledge to understand the principles of blockchain currencies or to set up dedicated software for mining it.
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Nice... As long as it doesn't drastically reduce uptime of a mobile phone on one battery (say, from 1 day to 1 hour). And I am guessing that GPUs of mobile devices are underutilised, though I don't know how their power consumption compares against that of CPUs.

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