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Originally Posted by Android_808 View Post
Aside from some errors encountered popping items incorrectly setting top (pop twice, top is now 0 regardless of items unless now fixed) which I solved by keeping a separate list, the is the issue of the window manager close/back icon.
Do you plan to keep hildon-desktop (making it Wayland compositor) or move to something else? The problem is that Weston, while being a reference compositor, is more like a Wayland demo and not very useful, while desktop environments like GNOME/KDE have their own compositors (Mutter/KWin). There are also some other compositors which could be used as base, such as sway (they also implement WIP library - or lipstick (UI is written in QML, used in SailfishOS/Nemo Mobile).

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At the moment I'm just trying out ideas. I did think about extending the Weston desktop shell. I have also looked at how budgie was interacting with mutter. As mentioned elsewhere I think the easiest option at the moment is to use fmg's Fremantle-GTK2 and create a GTK3 library to enable some preliminary transition work, with just enough content to make apps fit in. Long term a decision/opinion of community would determine Wayland path. I'm just providing results of experiments at the moment.

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