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Originally Posted by Dave999 View Post
What about ditching the hw-qwerty and make it a two screen slider with a qwerty?
Some like the vicar, others like his maid. For me, the main advantage of a physical keyboard is not that it is separate from the screen. It is that you can feel the keys before you press them. A virtual keyboard on a second screen will not have that property, unless covered with some kind of bubble wrap-like transparent dome sheet.
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And moreover, I hate the idea of paying for screen estate that is not used as a screen but as a keyboard. It's absolutely nuts!

Two screens, no problem there but in addition a HWKBD.

What about a double-folding phone then? With a mechanism like two screens together with a hinge and a separate third hinged piece with the HWKBD?

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Originally Posted by Dave999 View Post
What about ditching the hw-qwerty and make it a two screen slider with a qwerty?
Something along the line of the nonalcoholic beer and the vegetarian meat...

Jokes aside the double screen may not be a bad idea, however you would need the OS and every app to be adapted to handle this feature properly. Otherwise you will have screen content cut in pieces between screens or touch gestures where yo would have to jump the 'gap' with your fingers. At the end of the day this may be just apain to use even with an adapted SFOS or modified Android as you would run in incompatible apps every time.

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I dunno. A folding phone will probably be too fat. Typing on a second screen probably can't be much different than just using a larger phone like a Note 8 or some other 6 inch phone. Might be OK if in landscape. But still missing that tactile sense which is a very important feature of HWKB. I remember hearing about screens that could make little bumps on the surface to give a tactile sense. Maybe that could be made to work. Otherwise, If I can't have a HWKB I would prefer to enter information telepathically!

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