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Originally Posted by elros34 View Post
I'm scared that this app will be too heavy to our n900 but it's clever idea I've no clue how to detect where am I - in task manager or in app.

Depends: standard qt library and CSSU (I've thumb).
Remember that you CAN'T run this as a root. Do it exactly as I described
ravi_kumar, fourth post.
Well I used these commands:
cd /home/user/MyDocs/.documents/edge

This means I used root right ?
If yes then it worked as well....
As for the portrait mode, I noticed that it works but not that good from both sides...
Is there any way to add up and down swipe as well??

elros34 did you wrote it on your own or it was something that you found and ported it for n900? did you edit the edge_detect file? Because opening it with qt won't help editing it...

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