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One of "parts only" n950's has almost excellent body except that it has no SIM card slot protector (because its rubber part teared down over time). Another n950 has a lot of scratches and scuffs, the camera screen is broken (and has a drop of glue to prevent it from falling away) and it has no SIM card slot protector too.
Also most rubber pads dissolved over time, in all three n950's. See attachments below.

"RM-690" comes with the CA-179 USB cable in box. Also I have one extra CA-179 and CA-101 cables which I could sell with other n950's.
Also I have the "BV-4D 1320 mAh" battery which I could also sell.
However there is a high chance that claimed capacity is fake and BV-4D has 1200 mAh real capacity like the standard BL-4D. I have no possibility to check its real capacity.

All n950's come with PR 1.3 version.
One of "parts only" has stock Harmattan OS, another has bootloader left from unsuccessful Nemo OS installation and the "open mode warning", but the Harmattan OS works well.
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