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Uuh... Lot of changes.
It all depends on what you get used to. If you add up/down arrow to portrait #abc, it goes too crowded.
You press long dot, you get comma.
Maybe i can see, what can i do. If i have time.

PS: If you speak Finnish, please send a PM. The changes may be more to your liking.
No problem. Your voluntary work is very appreciated, and there is no reason to hurry too much. I wrote my suggestions as a reference of how I see the keyboard features, also to arouse debate of what finally might be useful.

You are right about the too crowded layout of portrait Qwerty, if all four arrow keys were added to it, like in my "Suggestion A". After thinking of it, now I prefer the "Suggestion B" in my reply, appicable also to the landcape Qwerty, which I suggest to be identical with the portrait keyboard, except the sizes and shapes of its keys. Consistent use matters a lot, not only between the landscape and portrait keyboards, but also between virtual and hardware keyboards, where applicable.

The usefulness and importance of the arrow keys depends also on what you finally can do with them. The "Editing layer" of Swype keyboard is a good reference: it provides also features which usually are done by combining the arrow keys with the Ctrl and Shift keys of hardware keyboards.

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