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This is (off-topic)
Me too... please bear with me...

So, the problem was mentioned. And what solution do you have in mind?
As a long time ITT/TMO person, I'll be completely honest - and this is only opinion. I thought for once, a big enough company - at that time the biggest in handheld communication devices figured out that FOSS, community and devices all could be a part of their offerings. I mean, imagine that. A huge company that finally "got it".

Nokia was the solution. Unfortunately, Symbian, politics, a board of directors that made odd decisions... well, on top of that, the start/stop iterations of Maemo where each device did not continue to receive updates all brought the momentum (and glee) to a grinding halt.

Will another big company get that FOSS, our wants and needs, our community might be a viable option?

Or will we continue to be rushed into supporting fringe, smaller companies that may/may not deliver?

The only solution I can think is if we get the support of another company, show them that it can be a good thing to offer some freedom to their users and move things into our territory. We need to convince some big company that we're worth a damn.

That's perhaps a solution.
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