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Back in the late 2000s I spec'ed out a dream system when I was cycling 40km/day to work and studies.
I was using a sharp Zaurus and a Motorola Razr flip phone at the time and listened to podcasts or music from the Z and had a DIY headphone switchover box for a BT headset for phone calls.
The dream was a watch to control stuff and read SMS, a BT headset with 3.5mm phone for good earphones, and a super cool phone/PDA in my pack or pannier bag. I also implemented a dynamo generator charging system for my N900 and other USB charge stuff on the bicycle as part of that system. The only thing missing was the watch.
A few years late but I will soon be living that dream.

Maybe I should have dreamed for (way)more money than I make and reliable future stream of even better GNU FOSS Linux computer phones. Also a cool car, a motorcycle, a house, a cool airplane, upgrade my lapsed pilot license, and more money for fuel and maintenance. Why not a helicopter and license too since I am going nuts!
But yea, I cant wait to integrate this watch into my system.

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