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He is quite a complicated guy but funny
I know he endorses everything russian-made unquestioned and could not resist to tell him while working together earlier this evening.

His main phone is the most heavily beaten N95 you can imagine and he also has an old S4 only for whatsapp.
He seems to seperate work/private on two devices and i guess whatsapp is for work.
As he asked me if the contacts on his n95 could be moved to Sailfish more than one time (Are you SURE??) i guess he is only still using the N95 because he never managed to move his ~400 contacts to Android

He was really fast in understanding sfos gestures on my phone.
I told him of sony also but i fear it will cost more than he usually spends on phones
If the inoi turns out not to be available or working for germany i will permanently loan him a spare jp1.

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Aqua fish had indian modem with specific LTE bands. Inoi will have russia specific bands of course to pass radio certification.

Additional software features for customers are not known at the moment. Also i have doubt it will have Aliendalvik preinstalled, because i'm sure it can not pass security certification with android stuff inside
Ok, thank you! I guess he will have to keep his S4 for WA then.

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