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I am in the possession of an OpenMoko Neo FreeRunner which begs to disagree with your Chronology ! :-D
Oh, sorry, I forgot to be more specific - I meant a WORKING open source feature phone - one where you don't have to place calls via terminal or where both sides can hear each other without the need for hardware fixes. ;-)

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But indeed this is a different class of hardware.
I actually have a FreeRunner as well and it's where modRana traces it's roots - Rana was written for FreeRunner and I started my work on a fork (modRana) there as well, later transitioning to the N900.

While the goals of the projects were noble and quite ambitious - it should have been an open source smartphone, not a feature phone! - some bad hardware decisions and mistakes (GLAMO!#$?!, slow CPU, slow RAM, modem issues) and generally unstable software that doomed the project in the end. Still, it undoubtedly started (directly and indirectly) many project we are using now, so it was not all waste. On the other hand, the FreeRunner user experience was never really even feature phone like...
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