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I have this same issue. I'm not sure if it was present on the community build, as I remember being able to send test MMS'es with WiFi toggled on.

I'll flash the community build a little later tonight to test this... for science.
I just saw the latest posts and I'm not sure if you've had a chance to test yet....but I can confirm that I definitely had the "MMS fails if wifi is enabled" issue in the community port. When I reflashed to the official build, I checked it out of curiosity and found it had the same bug. Disabling wifi instantly resolved the problem in both builds.

With both the community port and official release, I also had the problem where MMS settings do not persist following a reboot of the phone. This complicated my MMS troubleshooting efforts until I realized what was happening. I had to run the following command and reboot the phone after entering the correct settings:

devel-su chown -R radio:radio /var/lib/ofono
I found that fix on a forum somewhere. It appears to be variant of your own solution, but without a backup, so I like yours better. Fortunately, it seems to have permanently resolved the problem, though I was a bit surprised to see that bug make it into the official release. My guess is that the majority of testers didn't have to change their MMS settings like we do for T-Mobile USA so perhaps it slipped through the cracks. If T-Mobile were assigning the correct values to the device in the first place, I'd never have noticed it.

In any case, both of these MMS issues have easy workarounds or fixes, but I thought I'd share my experience. I have seen no difference whatsoever between the official release and the community port in regards to these bugs. Hopefully they will both be addressed in the next update. I've been living with Sailfish MMS problems for YEARS before we solved them via this thread, though, so I'm really not complaining! It's so nice to be able to *reliably* send and receive MMS these days.

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