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That did it... For the most part... MMS still will not work when I'm connected to WiFi. Deactivating WiFi fixes the issue.

I can dependably reproduce the MMS failure in sending and receiving at will when wifi is on. As soon as i disable wifi, MMS sends and receives successfully. My cellular internet data works successfully as well. As soon as i turn wifi back on MMS's start hanging in both directions. This is on the official Sailfish X for Xperia.

I'm on consumer cellular btw, Dual mode, preferring 4G. CC resell att and tmobile.

Found an old closed bug over at jolla where they say this operator-specific, but my APN works perfectly in all ways when wifi is off, so i'm not sure.

This is the last issue i have to solve to be thrilled with the device, but at least i have a workaround of disabling wifi when i see an MMS come in.

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