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I received a newsletter from Jolla this morning, containing a few interesting things:

What do you think?

In the SailfishOS 3.0 video they seem to have focused a lot on their regional licensing strategy, which doesn't really affect the product for people like us directly but may mean we see Sailfish on some new devices.

However, there were a few teasers for improved features like:
  • App Access Control - presumably this is similar to LineageOS's granular control for app access to certain APIs. Definitely interesting, does anyone know more?
  • Sailfish Device Manager - is this a "remote wipe" feature for corporate environments? I understand why it's useful to some people/organisations, but I'm not sure how I feel about it myself.
  • Some kind of payment service integration (was this cryptocurrency related?)
  • Fingerprint scanner support (not new I think but presumably improved)
  • VPN (already exists but presumably improved for their new business/government focus)

Feature phones don't interest me much (if it's a feature phone, why does it matter which OS it runs?). Does anyone find this interesting?

And then there's the Gemini PDA, which is definitely a cool bit of kit and seems to be shipping now. Is anyone planning on getting one?
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