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Originally Posted by immi.shk View Post
Currently by the end of 2017, there are a few Linux/win machines which are pretty nice and compact.
"which really exist"

1 GPD Win
64 GB internal
4GB Ram
full qwerty + gaming keys which acts as mouse
1 usb 3.0
1 full hdmi
1 micro sd
full windows 10
Ubuntu working
I was given a GPD Win for Christmas, and though Ubuntu and Arch Linux do indeed run on it, many, many things such as:

1) WiFi
2) Battery charging
3) Sound
4) Screen brightness
5) Screen orientation
6) suspend/resume
7) Battery monitoring

etc, etc don't work if you just install a distro from an ISO image. To even get the ISO image to boot from a thumb drive, you must downgrade the BIOS because the BIOS shipped with new units is dumbed-down to the point of uselessness. There are fixes for many of these issues posted here and there on the web, but except for the WiFi fix they involve building a custom kernel, along with lots of other tweeks. I'm still piddling around with it, but I can tell that this will be a device that will never completely work when running Linux.

Also, on my unit at least, the backlight is quite nonuniform, so there are areas of the screen which are significantly brighter than others. The touch screen is not very responsive. Graphics are very slow compared to what you get on a modern mobile phone. Overall, the Atom processor seems about 1/2 as fast as a Snapdragon 821. It's quite an indictment of Intel that a fan is needed to cool this processor.

*sigh* I wish I believed I would live long enough to see the Pyra shipped.

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