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oscp (0.9.80) stable; urgency=low

* copy-to-favs now also adds to ~/oscp-favs.m3u
* updated libav to 11.12
* fixed double / on root dir (cygwin)
* speed changer effect (using resampler)
* updated sid songlengths db to hvsc68
* sid-slave can now change and play all subsongs
* fixed few http scraper bugs
* new slave: lazyusf (.usf)

"long time no see" release. i've gotten sidetracked, so i'm releasing whatever i've got already. also i've upped binaries to sourceforge dir (cygwin64 and armhf)
oscp - media player with network remote and almost no dependencies (pc/lin/win/maemo(n8x0/n900), x86/x64/armel/armhf) - - if you like it, tell others.
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