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I don't believe it will require Qt 4.7.4, unless I use QSystemInfo for the battery indicator etc. Presumably there are lower-level methods to get battery info and such that would enable me to avoid using the high-level QtMobility APIs.

EDIT: Also, I don't suppose you know the answer to my question of how to determine which theme is currently being used? I need to be able to tell my QDeclarativeImageProvider where to load the images from (and also load transistions.ini if the theme overrides the default one).
Well, there is a little "hack" in CSSU Qt, which allows applications to use GTK syles, without taking care what is the current theme, you may want to look at it:

this is an example of how it is used:

That way Qt uses whatever sapwood has decided to be current, theme changes are applied on-the-fly, you don't need to care where the current theme images are stored and what their names are, etc. And of course memory usage is reduced, as Qt does not load its owns set of images, but uses shared pixmaps (the same ones GTK uses)

NFC if the above helps you, I am not much into QML, but for native QPushButton that works with no problems (check how osso-calculator in CSSU behaves when theme is changed). So you may want to create your own set of native GTK widgets (in the same way Qt does) and trick somehow GTK to give you the pixmaps so you can GL draw them (I suspect QML uses QGLWidget/QGraphicsWidget/QGraphicsScene).

Though I may had written nonsense as well

Why do you need to know the current transitions.ini?
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