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Hello @hhaveri
Fyi I have one non-working 'situation'. It is not super urgent though

I have a pebble watch that I put sometimes in flight mode, and so disconnected to the phone
I have several situations related to the watch, and for instance a series of watchface that I use depending on certain 'situations'. And that works flawlessly.

I have created a 'situation' which is the connection between the phone and the watch (after a flight mode of the watch). I use the 'bluetooth devices' list and select the watch. And the action is a change in the watchface.

nothing happens when the watch is detected by the phone except that the application visually reports that the situation becomes active. But the watchface is not changed.

A very much guess: that could be because the request to change the watchface is sent too early to the watch (before the proper connection is in place)?

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