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Thanks for your wonderful application.

There's an information I can't manage to find / search in this thread :

Do Wifi conditions work based on which Wifi network is *currently connected to* ? Or do they work based on which Wifi networks *happen to be visible around* ?

I want to have a custom rule to force my University's VPN to start when ever I connect to a few select captive portal Wifi.

Some commercial wifi networks here around (e.g.: nationnal telco's network of wifi access) have captive portals to have paying users log-in or new users pay for a data plan *BUT* have an agreement with universities to let their users through (if you activate your VPN while on these partner's wifi, you basically get eduroam-like access outside the UNI in nearly everywhere that Telco has Wifi coverage).

Obviously, for that rule to get trigered, I need to be already connect at that moment.