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Originally Posted by Bundyo View Post
Probably writing from right to left in input fields?

Also, when I tested, the keyboard showed the hebrew characters as squares, maybe it uses different font by default? Can we change the font in the QML layout file?
I can write Arabic fine (Did not try much) so there is still something I don't understand.

The issue with Hebrew is seems to be related to the Arabic issue too.

Droid sans hebrew and droid sans arabic are both being "merged" into droid sans family by fontconfig. Silica uses another font which is assigned explicitly via font.fontFamily

I noticed that arabic shows fine if I install another font OR if I remove the fontconfig family merging XML snippet.

I am yet to understand why this is happening. If someone can dig then please do too

Originally Posted by ZogG View Post
It as discussed with sailors on IRC, as well there is difference between browser and system. I have sailfish on n950 and mails with hebrew do not display any hebrew :\
Seems I have missed that discussion. Who did you talk to?

I am not surprised here because browser does its own rendering
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