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I mean there's no native support for seeing the sdcard on the pc. If there would even be to made the sdcard available as mass storage, you'd even can do more, such as using it as usb media device in car, or possibilities on pc such as formatting and errorchecking.
Well, I kind of see your point here, maybe it would be useful for some people, for some solutions.

I actually prefer it the way it is, as there are plenty of problems/shortcomings in exporting memory card out via USB as mass storage;

If you want to export it as raw device, so that embedded applications like Car Audio Systems could access it or an external computer could do diagnostics&formatting, then you would need to have it unmounted from the internal filesystem when doing that.
That would require a state managing daemon for making sure there are no applications like camera, music player, whatever, ... accessing it when user wants to export it. That is a kludge IMHO.