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Forum: General 2011-06-14, 06:57
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Posted By acano
Re: Nokia V Apple Patent Battle ends in Agreement,(NOKIA WINS)

May be I am wrong but I thinnk that patent figth is between Samsung and Apple and not between Android and Apple.

I do not know exactly how does it work.
Forum: General 2011-06-14, 06:29
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Posted By acano
Re: Nokia V Apple Patent Battle ends in Agreement,(NOKIA WINS)

May be you are rigth, but finally nokia have nothing to pay to apple. And the message I can read on that is that nokia have more technology innovation than apple. For me it is a good new. Most of...
Forum: General 2011-06-14, 06:10
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Posted By acano
Re: Nokia V Apple Patent Battle ends in Agreement,(NOKIA WINS)

Uvelievable. If the result would be the opposite all the internet will be ful of people saying that nokia is over and that apple is the best technology company in the world.
Forum: General 2011-02-24, 13:05
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Posted By acano
meego device as bookreader

Hi everyone,

I am interested in bying a e-book where I could also write on pdf files.

And I though that may be there could exist some meego/tablet with these requirement, that could be good...
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2011-02-11, 11:20
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Posted By acano
Re: Goodbye Meego, goodbye Nokia

By Nokia! I have been suporting Nokia for many years. I can only say that I will not buy never more a Nokia phone. Before that Microsoft, google.

Nokis is dead.
Forum: General 2010-09-20, 06:28
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Posted By acano
maemo/meego in oulu


I just came to Oulu. I am doing a reserch stage here. I also woulf like to contact people that works on Meego/Maemo here.

Is there someone in Oulu that could inform me about news or events...
Forum: General 2010-06-03, 09:54
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Posted By acano
widget para

does someone knows if therr exist a widget for

Forum: Nokia N900 2010-06-01, 13:23
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Posted By acano
Re: Is there any future for Skype on the n900. Do you use Skype Out?

I use very often skype on my N900 and after pr1.2 with video calling. I can anly say that it is a dream that became real.
Forum: General 2010-06-01, 09:43
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Posted By acano
Re: Why are there so many hate/useless threads?

I agree with you. This forum is almost undeadable right now.
Forum: General 2010-05-29, 14:30
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Posted By acano
Hail Skype Video Calling

I just wanted to share with you my opinion. this is amazing. after pr 1.2 I used skype in order to do a codeo calling throught ir and it worked really good.

in order to be honest I thought that it...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2010-05-26, 20:38
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Posted By acano
pr1.2 and nokia updater

is it needed to use nokia updater in order to update to pr1.2 or can I do it somehow else?
Forum: General 2010-05-24, 22:08
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Posted By acano
Re: What will happen after PR1.2? (Apps)

people will complain about something new.
Forum: Off Topic 2010-05-24, 22:06
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Posted By acano
Re: My girlfiend accused me of cheating because I play with my N900 so much

I have the same problem. all the gelous.of my N900. sometimes i am forced to stop using it.....
Forum: General 2010-05-24, 17:14
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Posted By acano
Re: Nokia and Yahoo Teaming Up?

I personally like this. I think that Nokia is working in the right way. Cooperating with Yahoo, Microsoft and Intel (sevices, software and hardware), further from the good quality of Nokia products....
Forum: Development 2010-05-23, 16:25
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Posted By acano
Re: [ANNOUNCE] The First N900 Coding Competition! 21st May-21st June. Open to all!

I say this because in the applications i am developing I use the State Machine Framework, and untill qt4.6 this will not be availabel. For the moment I am compiling them for symbian.

Forum: Development 2010-05-23, 11:58
Replies: 659
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Posted By acano
Re: [ANNOUNCE] The First N900 Coding Competition! 21st May-21st June. Open to all!

Will be possible develop an application with Qt 4.6? or will not be released yet at the end of the competition.

Forum: Nokia N900 2010-05-21, 08:24
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Posted By acano
Re: Would you recommend the N900 to a friend?

Of Course!

For my is the best device on the market!!!
Forum: Community 2010-05-09, 06:30
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Posted By acano
Re: Can we sort the posts in a thread based on the no. of thanks?

good idea I also think that should be nice to orde them by date of thank.
Forum: General 2010-05-08, 05:42
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Posted By acano
Re: Nokia sues Apple for patent infringement (part 2) (iPhone, and iPad 3G)

Nokia have much more patents than apple. they use six times more money for Research and Developing.
Forum: Off Topic 2010-04-30, 10:55
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Posted By acano
Re: Gizmodo writes a feature story on multitasking, ignores Maemo

Amazing! After they say that nokia does not succed in USA because of lack of technology.

Forum: Nokia N900 2010-04-30, 10:39
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Posted By acano
Re: A day without--I miss my N900 so much

I undertandk you. Same thing happends to me two months ago. That is horrible.
Forum: Off Topic 2010-04-29, 05:49
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Posted By acano
in love with my N900

just wanted to post like after listening many stupis things lately.

I am very happy with my N900, and I only miss the multi-touch feature. for any other think. I think that this is much more...
Forum: Off Topic 2010-04-29, 05:44
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Posted By acano
Forum: Competitors 2010-04-29, 05:39
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Posted By acano
Re: More proof that Nokia is losing it

I think that akready as it is and with 35 per cent price of iphone or N900 it is already very good. Anyway, I think that as said oli pelka kalasvuo the UI is goint to be very improved before of going...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-04-24, 07:09
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Posted By acano
Re: am i only one getting a bit bored with n900

I am very satisfies with my N900.

Is what I needed a cumouter in my pocket. I have not complain about nokia but the lack of ovi services.
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