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Ridd92 2015-06-20 07:00

Wired problem w Jabber client after updateing to Diablo-Turbo
Hi there all:

Few days ago I was very pleased that Diablo-Turbo provided ability to work with facebook chat to my n800. I was suprised that everything went well. I put login, password and seconds later I was connected. It took a while to download all contacts, but hey, it's over 300 people so I was patient.

Finally it did download it all and even managed to get avatars.

I tested it with some friends, everything go in and out, I mean the messages.

But, after few hours of using battery was low, so I turn the offline mode, just to save some energy for music before I get home.

After charging and everything like that n800 did reconnect, slowed down for a while but back to normal working.

Then I noticed strage thing, n800 downloaded contacts again without deleteing old ones, what I mean, my list should look like:

Mike Ands
Belly Dirty
John Johnny
Martin Owen

and so, but now I get something like this

Mike Ands
Mike Ands
Belly Dirty
Belly Dirty
John Johnny
John Johnny...

Still chat alone is working fine, I can write and recieve but everything is very sloooow due to big list of contacts.

And it didnt stop

Now I have over 2000 contacts (I think), because everyone have at least five mirrors of itself, like:

Belly Dirty
Belly Dirty
Belly Dirty
Belly Dirty
Belly Dirty
John Johnny
John Johnny
John Johnny
John Johnny
John Johnny.

I was pissed. I deleted them all manually and deleted my account.

Created it again then. Now it took veeeeery long time to download contact list again, and I dont know if this is relevant, but list appeared just after I log in to facebook on my PC.

Now, even after reconecting/rebooting list and chat are fine, but, for how long?

Is there anyone who faced this problem?

Ridd92 2015-06-21 07:25

Re: Wired problem w Jabber client after updateing to Diablo-Turbo
Now I know what is causing the problem, or at least the reason of it. When Im online and somebody else is I see one contact. When that guy go offline and online again I see him twice, when this thing happen 3-rd time I see 3 contacts with the same name.

Though I would finally get nice chatty device but probably I wouldn't cause it's not even usable

Im using Diablo Turbo "Stable"

endsormeans 2015-06-21 15:54

Re: Wired problem w Jabber client after updateing to Diablo-Turbo
Didn't see your posts...been "zzz-ing" in the snort-fort. like your friends are cloning themselves. :D
Yeah...well you definitely are heading down the right path with diagnosis. I never really bothered with any of the social media apps...perhaps fiddled with a couple of the twitter ones ..but need to hunt down some one who knows their stuff on this one.
But looking at the prob..... every time one of your contacts disconnects and then connects back...the string of info making up their connection must change subtly you still get them back...but now instead of just getting "john" you are getting the new subtly altered connection as well...and so on. Kinda sorta like (but really not at all) some search engine's taking your input like "John's Apartment" and turning it into "John'%s Apartment" and then "John'%&s Apartment" and so on.
It doesn't really affect the result it just "adds" to the return. Though in your case you are getting this "house of contact-mirrors" as a consequence.

Either get Jabber to let go of the old connection in it's memory's contact book favour of the new one.
Or puzzle out the connection string coming from facebook and direct Jabber to interpret it properly and change it on the fly...overwriting the old one.

Problem with social media apps is as bad or worse as browsers..the owners are always changing, altering, tweaking, modifying them...and there isn't alot of help ..if any from them in making them function on ...whatever. Stupid tower of Babylon there. Building a great new "Fizzywhizzle" ...that everyone has to figure out how to use that is "needed" or else you can't use their product. Real end-user friendly ..that.
'nuff of my micro-rant .

The other thing you have turbo "on system" or "on card" ?

You will find marked improvement especially with speed running your turbo on an sd card.
Just be careful with cards higher than class 4 and cloned os's on card...they don't play together nice.

Ridd92 2015-06-21 19:48

Re: Wired problem w Jabber client after updateing to Diablo-Turbo
I checked some other ideas that came to my mind. Contacts isn't cloning themselves only. When I reboot the device without disconnecting the chat app, or just after crash, then after reboot I will get every one contact cloned. It looks like it's remembering the contacts, but after reconnecting when something went wrong it's downloading them again and loads the list that is already saved resulting in cloned contacts.

For a meantime I just built another group with "most used" contacts. I can chat and everything seems to work.

I don't have enough knowledge to find the real reason for this bug so I will go the easiest way. It's looks simple, find out where contact list is saved, then make a script that will delete list before my account goes online, result? It still should download list from server, but will have nothing to load from memory so the contacts wouldn't be cloned, I think. Of course if my way of thinking is right.

And to your last question. Im running Diablo Turbo OS from flash memory, In my opinion is efficient enough and waaaay faster than it was on nokia 770.

Never even tried booting from SD, just did it with my 770, but for n800 I see no reason, but, now, as you mentioned it, it will improve not-bad-at-all performance on n800?

The only thing im using internal card for is for swap with swappiness around 30 and it seems to work just fine, as I like to have few apps open, be multitasking :cool:

External card is for stuff and rubbish :D

Edit 1:

As far as I know N900 facebook chat is too connecting through jabber in the same way as the new Diablo-Turbo Plug-in for n800, but on n900 I never faced similar dilema, or and kind of problem with chat.

endsormeans 2015-06-21 20:35

Re: Wired problem w Jabber client after updateing to Diablo-Turbo
On the topic of "to run off flash" or "to run off sd card"...
The pluses are manifold for running off card.
Just one of the huge bonuses is increased speed.
Just one of the bonuses is having multiple os's available.
Just one of the bonuses is the device itself doesn't take the hit...the wear and tear of perpetually running the os directly from the device.
Instead the wear is restricted to the sd card.
Just one of the bonuses is an easier setup of os cloning and backup...
Just one of the bonuses is being able to essentially have the room to install literally EVERYTHING onto your os ..instead of being limited to under 256mb of available space for your applications on device...which very very rapidly boils down to a choice of "what (all) do I need to uninstall just so I can install something else?" .
The list goes on and on..and has been listed by many others in many other posts and threads so I'll stop said list and let you reference them yourself.
When I started long time gone I ran off-device...
I would never go back now.
I don't see it as really "a choice".
sure have an os on device..just adds more options between the number of os's you have a choice to pick from...but I never really bother with it except perhaps as kind of a "base back-up" so to speak.
ESPECIALLY with the is just too perfect a device for multiple os's...
-Os on device..
-os's in internal sd card slot
-os's in external sd card slot
(mind..if you're thinking about it...there are risks specifically to cloning an os "TO" the internal of the device itself..such as with the n810...just be aware of the risks)
So yeah....I'm a believer....been one for years.

Ridd92 2015-06-22 19:03

Re: Wired problem w Jabber client after updateing to Diablo-Turbo
Still couldn't find solution related to my problem, seems that not many people even trying to get n800 with facebook chat working.

But maybe someone? There must be a simple solution.

Deleting contacts always before connecting is too annoying, maybe somebody here knows how to make a script that will delete contact file before coming online?

endsormeans 2015-06-22 19:40

Re: Wired problem w Jabber client after updateing to Diablo-Turbo
Just keep asking...
bump the thread once a week and some ingenious script-writer I'm sure will notice.

Ridd92 2015-06-28 09:12

Re: Wired problem w Jabber client after updateing to Diablo-Turbo
So i will ask again:

Isn't really nobody there who faced this problem? I leaved my n800 for few days, now it's not able to load contact list without saying
"It's not responding", than "Contacts responded", and again app Contacts is not responding and over and over again. It will load up contact list again, but it takes around 10 minutes, what? 10 minutes to just get online? I cant believe the support for this is down.

Calculate it, if I have almost 300 facebook contacts, and every one has cloned himself 25 times it means that now my n800 need to load 7500 contacts at once, and after every other login its getting 300 contacts more.

So Im not wondering why it's having 10 minutes lag and not working fast enough, I just wonder why similar n900 plug-in does not have this problem and work just fine every day?!?

Im really exhausted, diablo-turbo stable was create to provide n8x0 devices up to work, well it's not providing anything but more problems and nobody would face it.
(Already tried diablo-turbo non-stable, problem is the same, seems that nobody even really look at it)

This thread proves it, only one person responded to this.

Im starting to regret spending money on n800, why do you (The support, community) provide updates that cause device more-not-usable than it was before?

Ridd92 2015-06-28 13:46

Re: Wired problem w Jabber client after updateing to Diablo-Turbo
I checked n8x0 threads and there is no support too.

What is the point of update of diablo-turbo, when nobody even look at the threads related to it? What is the point of calling stable something that it's out of range, not even stable-close

n8x0 and also, Nokia 770 users, it look like there is nothing you can do more with nokia based, so boot up other os, and this is all you can do, boot up, cause it's not even close to stable, or get rid of the device.

Linux based devices are something new but those from nokia are old. Too old.

Even my n900 getting more problems.

I wonder why I bought n810, when it's simply nothing more than n800.

Get rid of those, or just put them away, there is no support, or os that can run smoothly.

It looks like it's done.

endsormeans 2015-06-28 14:43

Re: Wired problem w Jabber client after updateing to Diablo-Turbo isn't really a "similar" plugin to the n900.
It may be close..
But they are different.
The platforms they need to run on are different...
Just because somethings work well for the n900..especially with plenty of people actively maintaining it... doesn't translate very well with expectation for the n8x0 ...where we have little maintenance going on at all.
I see a few programs which need to be kept-up...
but on the whole ...pretty much everything works well ...still...including some programs which are almost a decade old now...I have a ton of stuff I use on my n8x0 which works perfectly fine for me.
I don't believe your issue is pertaining to the device, the os running on it or the program per se..but rather to the fact the facebook service and others like it...twitter...and their continuous protean natures..
Look at the threads...look at how often all the twitter and facebook and other social media clients for the n900 need to be perpetually kept-up.
Something is going wrong with one of them all the time..
Is that the fault of the n900?
I don't think so.
I think you can safely point the finger at the services for fudging things up...
not the device.
Same goes for the n810/ n800.
Don't be disheartened ...
just write a prog which aims for facebooks gut...which can't be screwed with .
An example is the twitter app here for the devices...what was the name of it again?...fella threw it out as an aims for twitter's is pretty much simple and bulletproof.
ach...can't remem. the name on the n8x0's very well...
I'll remember what it was...
that is it!

So...anyway..I think looking at the entirety of the situation is necessary here.
The 770, and both the n800 and n810 do not...I not have the people constantly working on them any longer.
Also the devices and platforms are not trash... or not worth the time...or however you wish to word it....
There just isn't the number of people maintaining, bug fixing, writing code, making programs for them any longer.
At least not openly...
There are novice users, there are putters and there is the odd power user ...and a few people making something new...for themselves or the community...but it is precious few .
A few programs need work...but the vast bulk of programs here are rock-solid...the same goes for chinook, diablo and turbo...
So posting here in the 770 n800 and n810 will get an answer to a question...but it will take a while.
As far as diablo turbo works perfectly fine for me and others...and has for years...
you also have to remember that turbo was done in 2010...5 and 1/2 years many un-updated devices and platforms would still be running fine after that long?

Don't blame the device...
don't blame the community created cssu...
nor the created version turbo...
and speaking of which...
one can hardly blame anyone for leaving the job of maintenance after 5 and 1/2 or more years....

Are people supposed to just "wait" around for half a decade ...maintaining things waiting for your predestined and highly anticipated arrival to the device line?

0- You could try asking the n900 creator/ maintainer of Jabber for some help/ insight...whoever it is could probably figure the problem out in a heartbeat...and it could be sussed out in no time...

1- or ask in the 770, n8x0 subforums and ..."bump the thread once a week" as I said...
and be patient...
and not n900 forum "waiting-a-whole-day" or "waiting-a-whole-week" patient either.

2- and/ or knuckle down and figure out how to tweak the version there is ...while waiting...

3- and/ or find an alternate which can be adapted to the n8x0 and port it over..while waiting..

4- and/ or make your own bullet proof version of the app you want...while waiting..

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