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marmistrz 2018-01-13 10:16

[SFOS][Announce][Submit the apps!] harbour-mirror - an OBS mirror of Store-only apps
1. some ported devices don't have access to Jolla Store, only OBS/ORN
2. some apps are only in Jolla store and on GitHub (i.e. no binaries anywhere).
3. sometimes there's no obvious tie between the binary in the store and the source
4. some of the harbour-only apps maintainers have vanished or are not interested maintaining a second OBS/ORN builds.

Solution: an OBS repo with such apps:
Currently built packages:

Submit apps you'd like to see here!

1. Create your own OBS repo and build the application there. Feel free to adapt the _service files from my OBS project to the needs of this app.
2. If the application has successfully built, write me an e-mail. Then I'll conduct one of the steps

a) add you to the maintainers of the project, if you are a well-known developer
b) copy the _service file and add it myself, otherwise

ping me at #sailfishos @ freenode if you have any questions or send me an e-mail ;)

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