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biketool 2015-04-24 14:02

Maemo5 Dev Live CD image(Created by Endsormeans!!)
I seem to remember there being live CD or .iso images available from Nokia early on for Maemo5 development. These would be perfect to run in a virtual machine especially considering how it is nearly impossible to get all of the tools now for Maemo5 and other Maemo OS versions development.
If anyone has a machine set up for Meamo5 development it would be great to have an OS snapshot and upload/seed a torrent of it for the rest of us to grab.
I would personally prefer an Ubuntu or Debian base though other might prefer a Windows snapshot.
(Edit, a few days pass...)

Originally Posted by endsormeans (Post 1469061)
well biketool.

the Lubuntu live with Qtsdk I made works.

the LMDE live with Qtsdk I finished a few hours ago works.

I went back to the latest 13.(whatever) antiX just now (not the new mx) after wayyyyyy too many years away from it.
And I was really quite impressed...
Also after rummaging through the live-installable I found I won't need Systemback.
It has it's own concept of burning the installed running instance of antiX to live usb. Which is excellent.
I'm just not used to the distro after so long away from it....gotta just use it more.
I'll be working on getting Qtsdk running on it this weekend and a live usb made of it by Monday.

And I'm sure I can get Bodhi on track to utilize QtSDK.
So yeah...So far I'm very happy with the variety of option...especially having not just 1 but 2 rolling release distro choices along with Lubuntu (I'm sure Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and, Xubuntu will work butttttt . I think Ubuntu and Kubuntu are are unnecessarily weighty, flashy and slick for our pragmatic needs...also...who's going to play around with them? I figure Lubuntu will suffice. People will be too busy developing... to fiddle with desktop gadgets. :D)

The big thing is I am not keen on just making all this for one narrow method (qt)...however easy...or may be...nor just for one platform / device .
I don't think I'm shooting for the moon in expectation of doing the same for n8x0 and 770 and making it possible to utilize different development methods than just qt for the n900 too.

(edit, a bit later)
And Endsormeans delivered a whole working system to develop for the whole Nokia Maemo line from the N770 through the N900, discussed now in this new thread!

nieldk 2015-04-24 14:30

Re: Maemo5 Dev Live CD image
Perhaps this

peterleinchen 2015-04-24 19:57

Re: Maemo5 Dev Live CD image

Originally Posted by nieldk (Post 1468343)

Not online anymore.

I would propose to ask the goggle about:

9e5b1b242fa56f3d899d628c5189832a Readme_Maemo_Documentation_Toolchain_PreFinal.txt
408af277bccb371008ff449af9cc895f Readme_Ubuntu_Intrepid_Server_SDK_Virtual_Image.tx t
09b45b54c2ea5669e289b102b4443e03 Readme_Ubuntu_Lucid_Desktop_SDK_Virtual_Image_Fina l.txt
2b2c4f45f93b02d8b84a9f32d849a0ac Readme_Ubuntu_Lucid_Server_Virtual_Image_Final.txt
fa4419c47a4d89c5fc20945b8b2b72d5 Maemo_Ubuntu_Lucid_Server_SDK_Virtual_Image_Final. zip
5aba3a7f2645a32cb0ac4de798c43ec6 maemodoc-toolchain_0.2.6.tar.gz
8c173b04bb3951bcfd4433da554b6c3a Maemo_Ubuntu_Lucid_Desktop_SDK_Virtual_Image_Final .7z

nieldk 2015-04-24 20:10

Re: Maemo5 Dev Live CD image

Originally Posted by peterleinchen (Post 1468376)
Not online anymore.

I would propose to ask the goggle about:

Yes. I found out.
Hiwever. Mattias, the guy who have that site, will look through his backups during this weekend.
Lets hope it evolves from the grave.

endsormeans 2015-04-24 21:31

Re: Maemo5 Dev Live CD image
I have the original live knop image.
actually come to think of it...
I have all that was mentioned there...intrepid, lucid, server and desktop and the txt as well. I never allowed it to touch the ground to get buried in the 1st place.

If it is needed or wished.. I can provide.
It is a remarkable lil side-distro. ...dated of course...but lovely nonetheless.
We need a more updated release fit for all the device lines.
One day perhaps.

ThomasAH 2015-04-25 11:40

Re: Maemo5 Dev Live CD image
I am actually very interested in starting to develop (Qt) apps for Fremantle myself. I read the Dev wiki page and the SDK installation guide, but I noticed the installation procedure depends on, which is down (of course), balls.

Are the files referred to by peter those required files? You have them available endsormeans?

biketool 2015-04-25 17:13

Re: Maemo5 Dev Live CD image
endsormeans, hope you can find it and then find a good way to get it public. There used to be a torrent on TPB but it is also dead.

endsormeans 2015-04-25 18:01

Re: Maemo5 Dev Live CD image
and more..
every firmware ever done...stored away for that rainy day.
lotsa stuff.
There are only 3 issues preventing me from posting here...
A- the still possible..probable... proprietary nature of them...
B- there is sooo much I don't have space for it all in a cloud drive. It's about 77 GB of truly the finest . It is a bit much for my poor cloud drive . So whatever I can put up is limited timewise and I have to delete to upload new stuff...or rather the same stuff I just uploaded a while ago but had to delete to upload for someone else.
I think a proper hosting or permanent section somewhere at tmo (better idea) would be better than this if the proprietary nature of some of it could be cleared up.
3- I am more than glad to be of help to my friends ...but I do admit the time it takes is beginning to be a bit more than a sliver of time preparing stuff... every time an individual needs specific things it's a chunk of my day...
an alternative would be welcome.

yea ...that is the trick biketool.
finding a secure method ..the files (whether proprietary or not) can safely be accessed without it getting shutdown or the site being down as a consequence of the rabid nature of governments at this time.

Even with is reliant on a consistent number of people having the files available to seed so other people can download them. Otherwise it will be REAL inconsistent and spotty as to availability.
Perhaps if everybody contributed to seeding a small bit...a portion of the vast 77gb treasure vault ...say a gb or two per person..spread out and balanced ...regardless of those needing n900 or n8x0 or 770 files would never worry about availability would be viable. I think an anonymous poll would be a good start. If we get enough members from the 770 aaallll the way up to the 900 who concur that this is a good idea and will be willing to seed in perpetuity ...then this is a viable permanent option. And I have no problem investing the time preparing and uploading everything...knowing I'll not have to do it in bits and pieces like (here it comes ...another one of my terrible analogies ) handing out floatation-jackets from the life-boat after the ship has gone down...but instead simply pull up the cruise ship and have everyone come aboard for Appies and dancing on the Lido Deck. :D

Ilew 2015-04-25 21:36

Re: Maemo5 Dev Live CD image
I would say set up a torrent for it and if anyone wants to host it permanently they can do so.
As for whether it's allowed, you can probably either pm a council member or wait until they see this thread.

Copernicus 2015-04-26 00:06

Re: Maemo5 Dev Live CD image

Originally Posted by ThomasAH (Post 1468448)
I am actually very interested in starting to develop (Qt) apps for Fremantle myself.

Luckily, there is a site which still has available the versions of the Qt SDK that supported Fremantle:

(And thank you for reminding me, I wanted to pull down the Linux version of the SDK myself; I'm setting up a couple of new Linux boxes.)

There are a number of versions available at that site; you'll need to select which platform you want to run on (Linux, Mac, or Windows); you'll also want to select the "offline" version of the installer, as the "online" installers depend on the Nokia servers that are gone. Also, version 1.1.2 was the last version with explicit support for Fremantle, so it's probably best to choose that one.

After installing the SDK, you'll still need to open the Qt Package Manager and pull down the Maemo toolchain. (Hopefully, that is still available as well.)

After that, you should have all you need to develop in Qt for Fremantle. :)

EDIT (4/27): As it turns out, pulling down the Maemo toolchain using the package manager is no longer possible. So, version 1.1.2 of the SDK is probably no longer usable (unless some alternative way to retrieve the toolchain becomes available).

However, it turns out that version 1.1.1 of the SDK contains the toolchain in its installer, so there is no need to pull it down using the package manager. Therefore, 1.1.1 is still usable for developing Fremantle apps.

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